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ELLC is the English Language Liturgical Consultation, the group of national associations of ecumenical liturgists in the English speaking world. You can find out more about us on other pages of the website, but basically our work has been concerned with developing and promoting common liturgical texts in English and sharing a common lectionary wherever possible.

Please do let us know what you think about the work we have done and are doing. We welcome suggestions, too, about how ELLC can continue to serve the English speaking Christian world through new texts.

There has been so much work in liturgical renewal in recent years in our churches. People have been dedicated to promoting good liturgy for the worship of God, and this work is ongoing. One of the unmeasured benefits of these years has been the ecumenical cooperation in terms of common texts and sharing the same scriptures Sunday by Sunday. Clearly this has not always been easy, nor is it all worked through at the present time. Yet we have made great strides to advance the way in which we pray and proclaim God’s word together, within and across denominational boundaries. ELLC is committed to ensuring that we lose nothing of this great strength. We are committed to continue this journey and open as many avenues as we can for this sharing of prayer and scripture.

While we only meet every two years the officers and member associations are in constant contact and we will be very glad to hear from you and try to respond wherever possible.

Monsignor Kevin McGinnell - Chair

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