The present member associations of ELLC are:

* Association of Irish Liturgists (AIL)
* Australian Consultation on Liturgy (ACOL)
* Consultation on Common Texts (CCT)
* Joint Liturgical Group of Great Britain (JLG)
* Joint Liturgical Group New Zealand (JLG-NZ) (appointment pending)
* Liturgical Committee of the South African Churches Unity Commission (LC-SACUC)

Each of the member associations is entitled to send two representatives to the plenary meeting of ELLC.

When it becomes necessary, a member association may designate an alternate or substitute to participate in a plenary session of ELLC.

In the case of CCT which embraces both Canada and the USA, four representatives, two from the United States and two from Canada, may be commissioned to attend the plenary.

In addition, the Consultation invited the participation of English speaking Orthodoxy, and initially welcomed an appointment by the Holy Synod of Constantinople and the Ecumenical Patriarch.

The representative members of ELLC determine the admission of additional member associations.

At the discretion of the Consultation, guests or observers may be invited to attend the plenary sessions of ELLC; the Standing Committee may also invite guests or observers to assist in preparations for the biennial events. Such guests or observers may represent other associations or bodies not normally present, or may be individuals whose expertise in sought because of their stature in the field of Christian Worship.

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