The regular plenary meetings of ELLC arc normally held every second year, either before the biennial congress of Societas Liurgica. At such sessions decisions are made by majority vote of those present and voting.


1983 Vienna, Austria - informal discussions about founding ELLC
1985 Boston, MA, U.S.A
1987 Brixen, Italy
1989 York, England
1991 Toronto, Canada
1993 Geneva, Switzerland
1995 Dublin, Ireland
1997 Turko/Åbo, Finland
1999 Kottayam, India
2001 Berkeley, California, USA
2003 Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2005 Prague, Czech Republic
2007 Palermo, Italy
2009 Parametta, New South Wales, Australia
2011 Reims, France
2013 Wuerzburg, Germany

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